A horse, a chariot, and a solar system

Discovery of the Chariot of the Sun in 1902 in Denmark brought a new insight into Bronze Age religion and solar cycles.

In the early 1900s, an area of land on the Danish island of Sjælland that had once sat idle was ear-marked for farming; demand for dairy and pork products in export markets was flourishing, necessitating the need for expansion.

Drainage engineers reached the Odsherred Municipality in northern Sjælland in 1902, and began work on draining a peat bog on the Trundholm Moor in preparation for the land to be farmed.

A local farmer, Frederik Villumsen, who had refined his plough to cut and turn the bog earth effectively, was employed by the Danish Forest and Nature Agency to turn the field for the first time.

Hitching up two horses to his plough, Villumsen started his day of intensely monotonous work. Mid-way through the day, something caught his eye in the furrow created by his plough; first a horse, and then a round disc.

Thinking they were toys from days ...

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