Polish sculptor Kamila Karst and her cardboard horses

Kamila Karst was born in Swidnica, Poland, where she studied at Wrocław Academy of Art and Design. Graduating with honours in Artistic Graphics and in Graphic Design, Kamila’s main artistic interests include lithography, intaglio techniques, and spatial forms.

For many years of my creative work I use Kraft paper, cardboard, and corrugated cardboard as raw materials. I try to get out of these materials a new look and extract their aesthetic qualities.

The colour and texture of the material, combined with the possibilities of creation, intersection and dissection achieve certain organic characteristics. It allows me to produce both delicate and unique forms and functional monuments that are resistant to weather conditions.

Cardboard also inspires me because of its ambiguity – reuse and it has a new meaning for the resin normally destined exclusively for utility.

My ideas regardless of the technique oscillate between biological forms and architectural structures. Most of my ideas are born spontaneously and their implementation is carried out in a relatively short time, however some require greater analysis and sometimes even change during the development process.


Refers to the Greek and Hellenistic tradition. This sculpture is a combination of industrial and architectural elements with biological form. In this work I try to take full advantage of the aesthetic value offered by the cardboard.

Trojan Horse

This sculpture is a clear reference to history. The subject became a pretext to use my favourite themes of horses as well as openwork and architectural constructions. In this case the cardboard provokes me to the formal solution and is a source of inspiration.

Nevertheless, I usually work quickly because I act emotionally and I try to complete some complex compositions as soon as possible. I present my work at numerous exhibitions within Poland and Internationally. Much of my work is in the possession of private collectors, not only from Poland but also from countries such as Germany, England, Japan, Canada, Sweden and the USA.

While creating I like to use a certain amount of coincidence; I do not have an exactly specified project but just a general plan and I rarely make schematic sketches. The idea emerges gradually or it is a spontaneous emotional record. I allow the technique to suggest to me some solutions and this keeps me curious while waiting to see the final result of my work. It drives me into further research and actions.

Based on what is around me, I create an image of the world seen from the angle of my own experience. The visible reality is for me a pretext for entering the world of fantasy, legends and myths where simple timeless values are combined with eternal desires and fears.

Horse Tower

This is a special spatial visualisation of my fascination with the middle ages. Verticalism and organicity architecture is combined with the biological aspect of nature and it is a compilation of what is tangible, sensual and transcendent.



This world is full of picturesque, fantastic characters and is a rich source for my inspirations and, at the same time, it allows me to express myself freely. While creating a painting I often use the rule of contrast using the combination of soft biological forms together with predatory constructive elements. The architectural structures that appear in my works have organic forms so that they have their own lives.

I respect and appreciate artists for whom art was and is a real passion and which makes them aim for perfection. Apart from painting and sculpture I was always inspired and fascinated by all forms of art from prehistory.

My current work is based on prehistory.

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