Gustav Bläser


Germany equestrian sculptor Gustav Bläser was a highly esteemed artist whose work remains dotted around Köln and parts of Germany for all to enjoy. Born in Düsseldorf, Germany, while his…

Herman Bissen


Danish sculptor Herman Bissen created some of Europe’s most monumental sculptures, but he is most recognised for his statue of this Danish King. Although born in Schleswig, Germany in 1798,…

Delightful Degas


Despite being criticised for not quite mastering the art of depicting horses, French painter and sculptor Edgar Degas became one of the world’s most recognised and loved impressionists. In 1866…

The Kicking Horse


After learning the craft of goldsmithing from his father, German-bred sculptor Caspar Gras went on to become one of the finest metalworkers in Northern Europe in the 1600s. Born circa…

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A history of style

The evolution of breeches


Ever wondered how breeches got their name? Step back in time as we take you through the evolution of breeches and their journey into the equestrian fashion statement that they…

Top Hat’s in history


Top hats have been an icon of style since their inception. While still remaining an integral piece of formal dressage attire, its days may be numbered as riders put safety…



Universally worn by equestrians around the globe, this simple but elegant show shirt known as a ratcatcher originated in the British Victorian period. But the question remains – how did…