The Royal Stables – Christiansborg Palace, Denmark

Set in the heart of one of the world's most popular destinations, København, you will find Christiansborg Palace – home to the Danish Monarchs prized horses and carriages.

As he sat waiting, Major Per Thuesen was nervous. His palms were sweaty as he mentally ran through all the reasons why he had unexpectedly been summoned to meet with the Lord Chamberlain.

A veteran of the Danish armed forces and commanding officer of the Gardehusarregimentets Hesteskadron (the mounted regiment), Major Thuesen’s retirement was pending.

He had faced worse situations and had served his country well for an impressive 43 years, yet he couldn’t quite pinpoint what he may have done wrong to be so summonsed.

The door to the waiting room creaked open; the Lord Chamberlain and the Treasurer motioned for him to enter. Discreetly he wiped his palms and nervously thought ‘this is it’ as he stood and entered the next room.

Photo - Manon Strachan, Equine

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